This blog has been created by Selene, Alessandra, Rita, Stefano and Silvia, students of the SSML “Gregorio VII” (Advanced School of Modern Languages for Interpreters and Translators) in Rome. We thought about this project in preparation for the final exam of Tourism Sociology; furthermore, “Lefontaneromane” is directly involved in the “SSML Gregorio VII Turismi 2010” project, aimed at promoting and increasing the value of tourism in our territory.

 The initiative is supported by ASTRAMBIENTE (Scientific Association  for  the Preservation of  Environmental Resources) and by Professor Adriana Bisirri, Director of  Studies of the SSML “Gregorio VII”.

 This project has its roots in our curiosity about Rome’s history and culture and its aim is to draw the attention of tourists (and of Rome’s citizens!) not only on Rome’s most famous and evocative monuments, but also on its hidden corners, precious and rich in history alike.

Persuaded of the importance of this idea, we have decided to organize a tour around Rome’s fountains (and much more!) with various routes, to satisfy every demand.


 Would you like to discover some of the most beautiful and evocative fountains in Rome?

Join our guided tours and we’ll take you to visit not only some of Rome’s most famous  fountains, but also a few of the hidden and less known ones! Why don’t we find out something more about them?


 Fontana della Dea Roma ( The Goddess Rome Fountain) located in Capitol Square;

 Fontana delle Tartarughe ( The Tortoise Fountain) located in Piazza Mattei;

 Fontana del Facchino (The Porter Fountain) located in Via Lata;

 Fontana del Pantheon (The Pantheon Fountain) located in Piazza della Rotonda;

 Fontana del Babuino (The Baboon Fountain) located in Via del Babuino;

 Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi ( The Fountain of the Four Rivers) located in Piazza Navona;

Fontana del Moro (The Moor Fountain) located in Piazza Navona;

Fontana del Nettuno (The Fountain of Neptune) located in Piazza Navona;

 Fontana delle Api (The Bee Fountain) located in Via Veneto;

 Fontana del Tritone (The Triton Fountain) located in Piazza Barberini.



 We have also created a special tour only for school groups!

Its name is TALKING ROME… .

 We recommend this tour for groups of school children not under ten years old.

It is a thematic tour including not only fountains, but also some of the most famous TALKING STATUES, so important in Rome’s tradition. The tour includes a short break to relax and have a snack. The whole tour will last approximately 2 hours and a half.

News and updates soon!

 DEPARTURE: Via dei Fori Imperiali (to the right of the Vittoriano)

 Fontana della Dea Roma ( Capitol Square)

 Talking Statue: Madama Lucrezia ( Piazza di San Marco)

 Fontana del Facchino (Via Lata)

 Fontana del Pantheon (Piazza della Rotonda)

 Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi (The Fountain of the Four Rivers); (Piazza Navona)

 ……………….HAVE A BREAK AND…A SNACK!!!!!………………………………………..

 Talking Statue: Pasquino (Piazza di Pasquino)



 1)      Pick-up point for coaches in Via dei Fori Imperiali

2)      From Piazza di Pasquino school groups can make their own way back

 New updates soon!


Special route for foreigner students

We advise this route to students not under eighteen years old. This is a thematic route, including the most famous fountains, the most important squares and characteristic alleys in Rome’s tradition. It will last approximately 2 hours. We’ll leave at 16.00 from the beginning of Via Veneto  and we’ll arrive in Piazza Mattei at 18.00 ca.

DEPARTURE: Via Veneto, corner of Barberini’s Square  at 16.00

Fontana delle Api (Via Veneto)

Fontana del Tritone (Piazza Barberini)

Then we move and in a few minutes we arrive at

Fontana di Trevi

Through famous and characteristic alleys we reach

Fontana del Pantheon (Piazza della Rotonda)

A few meters more…we can admire Piazza Navona

Fontana del Nettuno

Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi

Fontana del Moro

Strolling over Piazza Campo dei Fiori, Piazza Farnese and the Jewish ghetto, we arrive in Piazza Mattei.

Fontana delle Tartarughe

Let’s have an aperitive in the club Studio Le Bain (Largo Argentina)!


If you want to contact us leave a comment or send an email to: blueinrome.tour@gmail.com


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